As you’ll know umpires are a big part of being able to play on Saturdays and we are always looking to find new umpires and develop our existing umpires further. With this in mind we wanted to remind anyone who might be interested that there are plenty of opportunities to get qualified to umpire and help the club out on a Saturday through the EH Umpiring courses which can be found here:

This area of the England Hockey website also has plenty of other pages with information on umpiring, the rules of hockey, online rules courses and FAQs. The club will cover the cost of the courses for you if you are interested. We’d also encourage anyone who is keen to umpire to take the opportunity of the inter-club summer league on both Men’s and Women’s sides to get some experience and practice. This is a really good setting to get comfortable umpiring and practice in preparation for the winter league season. If you do want to go on a course please do let Alex Kirton know so that he can organise the cost of the course with the club. If you also have any questions about umpiring then feel free to also get in touch.

Looking ahead to the winter season, the club will be organising an opportunity for umpires to be assessed and offered coaching during the preseason friendlies we’d really encourage anyone who is keen to get in touch with Alex. Other development opportunities will be present throughout the season with lots of teams next year offering lots of opportunities to umpire and get involved in helping the club progress and enjoy success on the field.