If you are new to the club, just to explain we pay a yearly subscription to be a club member (via bank transfer) and then match fees on top for your weekly games (via direct debit).


  • Adult: £170
  • Student/Junior: £140
  • Junior u8: £70
  • Graduate (first year from University): free
  • New Adult Member: £140
  • Social/Occasional: £50

Match Fee

  • Adult Match Fee: £10
  • Junior Match Fee (for adult games): £5
  • Student Match Fee: £5


18 game policy

Any member who plays 18 friendly, league and cup games get their remaining games FREE!


The discount structure for families has been tweaked for the 2019/20 season.

  • For every full paying adult one child will be half price
  • For those with three children one child will be half price
  • A combination of the above can also be claimed

The table below should summarise the total cost:

 YourselfYourself +1 JuniorYourself +2 JuniorsYourself +3 Juniors
Playing Adult£170£240£380£450
Playing Junior/Student£140£210£350£420
Social Member£50£190£330£400

If there are any other circumstances not covered by the above, then please do get in contact.