Cards are part and parcel of modern hockey and although BSHC never condones ill-discipline, the club works hard to ensure that where umpires have reached for their pocket, so too do the players they’ve penalised. For every card received, players are asked to make donations to the BSHC charities – something that is almost universally accepted by the players across the club:

  • Green cards: £2.50
  • Yellow cards: £5
  • Red Cards: £20

Previous Recipients

  • 2016/17: Riding for the Disabled & Lyme’s Disease Research
  • 2015/16: The Alzeheimer’s Society & PAH Cancer Unit
  • 2014/15: James Whale Kidney Fund & Princess Alexandra Hospital Neo-Natal Unit
  • 2013/14: CLIC Sergeant & Winston’s Wish
  • 2012/13: Action Duchenne
  • 2011/12: Fledglings