Privacy Notice

Looking after your personal data is important to us! The main thing we are trying to do is to administer hockey for our members. That includes lots of things, like running various teams, training, player, coach and umpire development, and social events.  It also means we have responsibilities for helping players, coaches, umpires and other people involved in the club and we need their details to do that.  

We’ll never share your details for marketing purposes although we will from time to time share details with you of our partners and opportunities we think may be of interest to you. Where necessary and for legitimate reasons directly connected to the administration of hockey, we may share details with relevant organisations, for example England Hockey, East and 5 Counties Leagues and Umpire Associations.

Our Full Privacy Notice is available BSHC Standard Club Member Data

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Selection policy

The following are guidelines only but will be applied wherever possible to avoid confusion amongst players:

Selection is made by the selection committee (“SC”). The SC will include team captains (and/or vice captains), coaches and appropriate club and section officials. The SC’s first consideration is the overall requirements and welfare of the club and its members.

The SC will have particular regard to all circumstances required for selection, but in particular, the following,

  1. An individual’s:
    1. Developmental needs;
    2. Skill and fitness level;
    3. Commitment to both training and playing;
  2. A team’s:
    1. Playing position and overall requirements regarding team dynamics;
    2. Situation within a league, whilst complying with league rules;
  3. The agreed general guidance of:
    1. All other issues being equal, players who GO TO TRAINING will be preferred to those who do not;
    2. Young players are to be encouraged to fulfil their potential in the interest of the future of the club and will be selected before older players where all other things are equal. It should be noted that a younger player who cannot train due to school commitments will be selected above an older player who cannot train for work commitments, again where all other things are equal;
    3. A team’s search for points, or a young player’s enthusiasm, should not be compromised by pushing promising youngsters too quickly or playing them out of their depth and the development of the youngster will always be at the heart of any decision;
    4. Players who have performed satisfactorily SHOULD NOT make way or be dropped in favour of a returning player who has been unavailable for the preceding 2 or more matches, either by injury, illness or particularly, by choice;
    5. returning players may be asked to play in a lower side to prove match fitness or EARN THEIR PLACE back in the above team;
    6. NO PLAYERS, including captains, have a right to play in a given team and should continually strive to play and train at their best in order to remain in any given team;
    7. Movement up through the sides will be encouraged and implemented for individuals who continually play and train at a high level and show commitment to the club and its aims.

The above is not exhaustive, but are the fundamental considerations the SC will take into account when selecting teams for fixtures.

Face-Mask policy

You will remember that last year we circulated information relating to player safety and face-masks, and have taken the break between the seasons to remind everyone of our policy. As a committee we have discussed this issue of face-masks and have decided that whilst in the past we may have provided facemasks for all teams (4 masks were bought for each team only 2 years ago), due to masks going walk-about it has been decided that moving forward players safety at penalty corners will be their own responsibility. In the same way shin pads and gum-shields are self funded, we advise anyone who is involved at short corner defence to look into purchasing their own facemask.

It is important to remind all club members that the club does not provide insurance for players. If you are worried about personal injury, it is important that you take out the appropriate level of insurance to ensure that you are covered. If you require more information here, please do get in contact.