What to get into umpiring?

We are always on looking for more umpires and we have a range of umpiring courses available to you. Umpiring is a great skill to have and will increase your knowledge of the game, which only improves your playing/spectating of the game.

The club pay for the course and in return, we would like you to umpire the first season for us, with no change to your match fees. If you continue to umpire after the first season, the days you play and umpire you will not have to pay your match fees. You might even be bought a drink of your choice at the clubhouse by the team you have just umpired.

Assessed Umpires

NameLevelCounty Affiliation
Alex JamesL1Herts & Beds
Nicky BarehamL1Cambs
Alison Martyn (nee Clifton)L1Herts & Beds
Ashleigh BoothL1Herts & Beds
Belinda SullivanL1Herts & Beds
Elizabeth ReayL1Herts & Beds
Gary JonesL1Herts & Beds
Grahame SmithL1Herts & Beds
Gregg PettitL1Herts & Beds
Hollie Mathison (nee Laidlaw)L1Herts & Beds
Jeff DummettL1Kent
Jemma Pettit (nee Smith)L1Herts & Beds
Jilly Colbran (nee McCarthy)L1Herts & Beds
John ProwseL1Herts & Beds
John ShepherdL1Herts & Beds
Karen JonesL1Essex
Lynn GurnettL1Herts & Beds
Melinda DummettL1Kent
Robert JinkersonL1Herts & Beds
Paul RoundL1Herts & Beds
Nick SloweL1Herts & Beds
Paula FrenzelL1Herts & Beds
Peter SmithL1Herts & Beds
Richard TempleL1Herts & Beds
Ronnie StottL1Herts & Beds
Simon MurphyL1Herts & Beds
Simon ParkerL1Herts & Beds
Stephen WoolmerL1Herts & Beds
Steve JonesL1Essex
Tomas FrenzelL1Herts & Beds
Gabi MorganTBCSouth Africa
Peter DuffyL1Herts & Beds
Andrew CoxL1Herts & Beds
Dan ChapmanL1Herts & Beds
Duncan BarberL1Herts & Beds
Craig BassingthwaighteL1Herts & Beds
Ross HaworthL1Herts & Beds


NameLevelCounty Affiliation
Alex SminkL1Herts & Beds
Amy DuffyL1Herts & Beds
Bradley MoonL1Herts & Beds
Fred CookeL1Herts & Beds
Olivia FowkeL1Herts & Beds
Emma RileyL1Herts & Beds
Finn JamesL1Herts & Beds
James NashL1Herts & Beds
Georgia WatkinL1Herts & Beds
Yolande NotleyL1Herts & Beds
Imogen PolesL1Herts & Beds
Jen PerryL1Herts & Beds
Joe PowerL1Herts & Beds
Josie HoferL1Herts & Beds
Lizzie RobertsL1Herts & Beds
Luc SminkL1Herts & Beds
Matthew SharmanL1Herts & Beds
Nick BuddL1Herts & Beds
Rebecca PolesL1Herts & Beds
Simon MartynL1Herts & Beds
Tom ColemanL1Herts & Beds
Tom Grove-SmithL1Herts & Beds
Tom NashL1Herts & Beds
Hannah WynneL1Herts & Beds
Lori MorrisonL1Herts & Beds
Thea CameL1Herts & Beds