Playing for Bishop’s Stortford Indoor Hockey

With a good track record in both the ladies and men’s competitions Bishop’s Stortford has teams in the:

  • Essex indoor competitions at Brentwood (Thursday evenings)
  • East competitions (held in December over a weekend)
    • With two men’s teams entered into the Essex competition, BSHC have players from beginners to those who have been playing for years.

Indoor Hockey Vs Outdoor Hockey… What’s the difference you ask?

Indoor hockey is much faster and more controlled because of the limited space. The game is known to improve a player’s stick handling skills and vision on the field. If you’ve been playing outdoor hockey, your skills can easily transfer over to indoor hockey. All you need to do is practice the basics skills!

  • An Indoor pitch will have a length between 36 to 44 meters and a width between 18 to 22 meters
  • The surface played on will range from a wood floor, vinyl or snap tiles
  • Sidelines are replaced with boards and players are allowed to use the boards to pass to each other
  • The only time the ball is “out of bounds” is when it goes over the sideline boards, or over the end line
  • The overall weight of is much lighter for an indoor stick and are also skinnier than an outdoor stick.
  • An indoor team consists of five outfield players plus a goalie, a total of six players
  • No lifting in indoor except on goal
  • No hitting of the ball, only push or deflect it

For more information on indoor hockey rules click here