Our club is founded and maintained on the efforts of our amazing volunteers, and without them, the club wouldn’t function. Check out the non-playing member’s honours here and the names on the boards in the club room for some of those we need to thank for volunteering to run our club over the years.

We encourage all our members to get involved in volunteering: we believe it is a “win:win” with great personal reward as well as invaluable help for the club. Whether it’s running or umpiring games, assisting with social events, using creativity to help with newsletters and other publicity, managing the running of the club, or simply cheering our teams on – our volunteers are indispensable to us and we would be lost without them. We are truly grateful to all members, parents and others who help with coaching, umpiring and committee work.

And you don’t need to be a playing member of the hockey club to help out. We welcome mums, dads, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends and any other willing people you may know! And if you have a skill set that you think would really help the club, we’d love to know more. (We do consider the families of our playing members to be a big part of our club and welcome them at our matches, in our club room and at our social events.)

There are a wide variety of roles involving different amounts of time and allowing us (including our junior members) to develop different skill sets. The list of roles we can think of is below but you may well have ideas that we have not thought of – those are the very best ones!



  • All roles – here
  • Assist a Committee member in their role (some examples below)

Men’s and Ladies Playing Sections

  • Captains/vice-captains
  • Coaching
  • Mixed hockey
  • Masters age group teams

Junior Section

  • Administrator(s)
  • Coaching (in addition, the club will meet the cost of any courses you wish to attend)
  • Managing/assisting with a team: liaising with players/parents eg availability; liaising with opposition and competition organisers (a real help to the coach)
  • Assistant coaches/helpers (suitable for DofE)


  • Club umpiring: attend EH Level 1 course (online/ the club will meet the cost); start umpiring whether in Junior hockey or at the bottom end of the summer leagues.
  • Pool (League-appointed) umpiring


  • This is the club’s disability offering, a very important (and rewarding) part of our overall contribution to our community

Other examples of volunteering opportunities

  • Junior Committee: we are forming a Junior Committee – overdue given the size of the section aiming to include not just the coaches but parents and junior players too
  • Social Committee: we are reforming the Social Committee now that the pandemic is behind us – organising and running social events has always been a social event in itself!
  • Join our Communications Team
  • Safeguarding and Wellbeing: we are looking for representatives/ ambassadors throughout the club to be alive to the wellbeing of our members
  • Sponsorship team: spotting opportunities with local businesses and following up with them
  • Other fundraising (eg applying for grants from eg the Town Council)
  • Kit/equipment procurement and management
  • First aid: attend training and provide assistance when needed

Become the newest member of the BSHC family by signing up to volunteer and you’ll forever be a hero!

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact a member of the Committee or email us here.

Volunteering is a fantastic way to be close to your sport, from club to working with England and Great Britain Hockey there is an opportunity for everyoneEngland Hockey Volunteer