As East Region U16 Tier 2 Pool one winners BS U16As travelled to Old Loughts for the league finals with high hopes. The team have had a great season and have formed a strong bond. The team train hard and play regularly on Saturdays across ladies 2-6s. 

The format was a round of 17.5 minute matches with the top two teams from the 4 pools invited. In the end 6 teams attended, with Bedford and Cambridge declining to attend. 

Stortfords first match up was against a well drilled St Albans. Despite some chances the pool 2 champions took the 3 points with a 1-0 lead. 

Up second was a rematch against adversaries Norwich Dragons. There was a score to settle after the Dragons knocked Stortford out of the plate competition in January.  

And now warmed up well Stortford went for the win. 

Pilar Montu opened the scoring and was joined on the score sheet by Sophie Higgins. Giving Stortford a useful 3 points from the 2-0 win. 

A break of 20 minutes before the third match proved unhelpful. Going out against Old Loughts who has finished second in the Stortford pool should have brought a win however Old Loughts started well and scored early on home turf. Stortford left it til the final minutes for the equaliser coming from a short corner with a beautifully slipped ball from Zoe Bovaird to Pilar Montu finding the goal. 1-1 and another point. 

Next up were Peterborough who were second place in Pool 3. A 3 point win came from a 2-0 score line. Issy Parker setting up the first goal for Zoe to slip in from the post. A second goal for Zoe Bovaird came from a great short corner drag flick. 

The final match was up against Hertford who finished second in pool 2. Despite winning three short corners and having the majority of the attacking play Stortford couldn’t get round the excellent Hertford keeper ending the match with only a point from the 0-0 draw. 

The final table saw Stortford U16As as the East Region Tier 2 runners up to St Albans who won all their matches. 

Final table 

Old Loughts 2 points 

Peterborough 3 points

Hertford 6 points

Norwich Dragons 7 points

Bishops Stortford 8 points

St Albans 15 points


Alice Lowe

Amelia Leach

Beth Moore

Catherine Clune

Eryn Foote

Freya Rich

Grace McKelvey

Issy Parker

Kess Levy

Lea Gillespie

Lily Mobbs

Pilar Montu

Rafae Roberts

Scout Neville

Sophie Higgins

Zoe Bovaird