Summer hockey is a great way to keep playing during the league break. We participate in several leagues both at our clubhouse, where the bar is always open for post game drink, but also leagues run by other clubs to ensure there is hockey for all.

New to Bishop’s Stortford? Register your interest in Summer Hockey and joining the club here.

Ladies and Men’s Lee Valley Summer League

Bishop’s Stortford has entered into a new summer league this year (2021) aimed specifically at 1st team players. Check out the Lee Valley Summer League Table.

BSHC Summer League

Men’s Intra Club Friendlies

The Men’s Intra Club League begins at the start of May and runs until July. All games are played at Herts & Essex and is split into two leagues, the Premiership for players in the 1-3s and the Championship for players in the 4-6s.

  • Games played at Herts & Essex
  • Game 1 at 7:40pm – 8:15pm
  • Game 2 at 8:20pm – 8:55pm
  • 12 round robin
  • 1 finals
  • Normal hockey
  • Teams to provide umpires of other game
  • £5 per person
  • 15 min halves, 2 min half time
  • Beers in the clubhouse

The league is open to all male players, if you would like to be involved please get in touch here.

BSHC Summer League

Women’s Old Loughts Summer League

Old Loughts league team combines our 1st team players and runs on Wednesday evenings from 15th May through to 26th June.

Broxbourne Summer League

This will be the 17th season of the Broxbourne Summer Leagues. Stortford Hockey club is entering a Mens, 2 Ladies and a Mixed side. The matches to be – as we always demand – of a competitive, but friendly nature. As before, you will have access to the changing and showering facilities, as well as the clubhouse bar.

The match fee is £60 per team, per game – approx £5 per player.

Regular summer hockey without the hassle of frozen pitches on a great surface!

To summarise:

  • Men’s, Ladies’ and Mixed leagues
  • League updates online
  • Approx £5 per player, per game
  • Clubhouse bar with clubhouse prices
  • Trophies for the winners & top-scoring players

Hope to see you in the summer!