Vision Statement

Become the largest Hockey club in the local area, providing quality structured hockey and coaching for all abilities, ages and genders without prejudice.

We will be inclusive, not exclusive and will actively encourage all aspects of the sport, including providing a social hub for all our members and will seek to grow the game of hockey and develop young and old players alike in conjunction with local schools and organisations.

We will be the club of choice for all players in the local area, providing competitive hockey on the pitch and an enjoyable social experience off it, making everyone’s Hockey experience an enjoyable one.


BSHC primary aim is to provide hockey facilities and playing opportunities for all within the local community.

The club is dedicated to the growth of the sport of hockey and to provide structured coaching to all ages, genders and abilities, but particularly to the development of young players, on which the game and club depend for future survival.

All players have the right to play hockey at the highest standard they are capable of, so that the game is both challenging and competitive, with the overall aim of enjoyment of the sport in a safe environment.

The club is committed to maintaining its reputation as an actively social club, being inclusive not exclusive, where people come to play and socialise in equal measure and where elite hockey is just one element and not the overriding consideration.

Individual and team success is encouraged and strived for, but not to the detriment of the above key values of the club.

The Club’s constitution can be found here.