Objectives of the school’s liaison

BSHC’s aim as a community hockey club with a “hockey for all” ethos is to develop our sport in the state schools within Stortford and the surrounding area (on the assumption that the private schools already offer hockey and are well-resourced).

In the 2021-2022 season, BSHC promoted hockey in three primary and two secondary schools. Over time, we are aiming to build a relationship with all 12 primary and five secondary schools within the Bishop’s Stortford area, and we have an aspiration to extend our schools local outreach initiative to nearby towns, which do not currently have a hockey club such as Great Dunmow, Sawbridgeworth and Harlow.

2021-2022 Season (Boys & Girls)

School NameAcademic YearNo of studentsAcademic YearNo of studentsAcademic YearNo of studentsTotal
Herts & Essex SecondaryY7 1222Y8 1225Y9 143560
Hockerill SecondaryY7 1230Y11 1255Y9 1430115
Northgate PrimaryY3 6-735Y435//70
Windhill PrimaryY3 6-728Y4 728//56
Fawbert & Barnard Infant’s PrimaryY3 6-730Y4 730//60

Schools to be approached in 2022-2023

Liaising with schools in the Bishop’s Stortford area and arranging for club/school coaches to deliver coaching in those schools with the aim of achieving at least 10 primary schools in the 2022-2023 season: arranging two hours coaching each week in all primary schools in green below as well as providing mentoring for school staff running the sessions.

Additional secondary schools in the Bishop’s Stortford area: one coaching session per week at each of the secondary schools shown in blue below, again as well as providing mentoring for school staff running the sessions.

Local outreach

Interested in playing hockey, find out more in our junior page here.

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