Coaches Player of the Season

This was incredibly difficult choice, with various nominated players.

However, after considering the nominations by attending all training sessions to view those in the running, I went with someone who always aims to motivate others to work hard and pay attention during training.

She always sets a great example on how to conduct yourself during training and is always willing to offer advice to those struggling. She always massively contributes to training sessions and the coach can trust her to impart knowledge with those struggling with a particular drill.

Since getting injured and not being on the pitch during training, it was evident to the coach that she was missing, her attitude and energy were greatly missed.

So, if that doesn’t give it away-

Coaches Player is awarded to:

 Gemma Leach

Most Improved Player of the Season

Over the past couple of seasons, I’ve seen this player get better and better and her confidence grown as much as she has in height recently!

Her calmness on the ball is spectacular to watch. She has played middle of club and sometimes overlooked until this season where finally noticed. Whilst playing for the 4s when we were having to relentlessly defend, this player just seemed to be everywhere, intercepting passes, tackling, her special awareness and relentless ability to run into positions to try make an attack whilst being shoved and bullied off the ball.

I’m glad to see her now being noticed by the 1s &2s Captains and is attending their training nights, so I’m hoping for her to actually be picked up into a team that she belongs in next season.

My most improved player this season is:

Beth Moore

Young Player of the Season

This award has caused me major conflict. Didn’t realise the pressure I’d have on this one.

However out of the limited nominations I got for this award, I went with someone that goes above her role as just a great young player.

This individual has been on the radar for a couple years and missed out all awards by tiny margins.

This year however, this player has grown from a quiet somewhat timid individual to someone with confidence to vocally command her defensive line up no matter what age her teammates are, she will get them to step up and ensure players get into right positions and control the marking required.

Her vision of space and passing the ball out of tricky situations is, apart from being a relief, is also incredible. She takes any position on the pitch her Captain gives her with a positive attitude and executes her role with 100% enthusiasm.

Her confidence, her skill and her determination has grown tenfold.

Off the pitch, this player will step up to Umpire when asked, also helping to umpire junior matches. She has also helped out coaching younger years at Herts & Essex as part of her Duke of Edinburgh Award.

I can see this player as most definitely the Captain of the top teams in the club in the near future.

To make the final decision on this award, I’ve been to matches and training outside of my own team, I hope the club sees this award being given to the right person without the thought of me making a bias decision as this award goes to someone from my own team.

The Ladies Young Player goes to:

Kess Levy