At a glance

L1s 1-2
L2s 4-4
L3s 1-3
L4s 0-3
L5s  5-1
L6s 4-0
L7s 1-4
L8s  cancelled
L9s no match

Bishops Stortford Ladies 5s V Saffron Walden 3s (4SW)

Catherine Clune and Rachel Moore in action (earlier in the season)

5-1 takes Stortford Ladies 5’s into the top spot, a point above their rivals. 

PoM: Meghan Maybanks

Match report by Catherine Clune.

It was an icy start for our game today. We met Saffron Walden away at 10:30 for our top of the table clash. Upon arrival at the pitch it didn’t look hopeful with a full stretch of frost covering one side and an hard ice layer underneath. So with a slightly postponed start we decided to try and play and began our warm up and toss.

Saffron Walden were awarded first push back and came at us hard. Their speed down the left meant Charlotte Petitt had to keep up and mids were forced to drop back. Two short corner were called against Stortford quite early on but they were well cleared out by Maddie Lucas and Goal Keeper, Hannah Reynolds. Our game started to become more fluid however after a slight rocky start and with a few great runs from Meghan Maybanks’ the play began to become more threatening in Walden half.

Stortford  managed to get some short corners which heightened pressure on the oppo. However it wasn’t until 24 minutes in that the first goal was scored by Yolande Notley with an excellent shot.  Saffron Walden came back hard with a few more counters down the left but they were stopped by Catherine Clune. The first half finished well with lots of runs from Megs and triangles from Olivia Brierley and Lizzie Motson and special mention to Maddie for her great hit outs.

The second half began with Stortford dominance, a quick tackle from Catherine Clune sending the ball back into our half of the pitch. With great work from forwards Yolande, Marni Cochrane and Charlotte Turner Stortford got a second goal just 5 minutes into the second half with a short corner conversion from Charlotte’s  great hit. Shortly after Eva Sanderson followed up with any other great drag into the back net really putting Saffron Walden on the back foot at 3-0. But Walden didn’t give up with a hard charge down the left of the pitch – effort from Catherine to track back with Hannah and Maddie covering wasn’t enough and the quick break cost Stort their first goal and ended a clean sheet.

Still ahead Stortford kept going with Megs endless work on the right earning her PoM. Marni put in efforts trying to kick the ball into the goal but the umpires didn’t allow it  –  not sure why?  Stortford’s attack wasn’t over with another goal from Yolande at 30 minutes and Eva at 32 from a cross deflected by a Walden Defender. We finished the game strong with great midfield work from Liv and Charlotte and ended the game 5-1 up.

A very successful top of the table clash after an icy start (quite literally). Well done to all who played great effort with a great results. Congratulations to Meghan on her PoM for all her runs and excellent play all round.

Bishops Stortford Ladies 6’s v Havering 2’s (4SE)

Jo Sullivan in action (photo library)

4-0 keeps Stortford ladies 6s on the top spot, 3 points ahead.

Match report By Gemma Leach

PoM: Gemma Leach/Claire Holmes

It was a  frosty start to the morning but the sun came out to defrost the pitch in time for a 2pm push back at Hockerill where we saw the L6’s play against Havering 2’s.

Havering had the first push back and came strong from the beginning putting pressure on within minutes for the L6’s team.

The L6’s got the spirit and turned it around by putting a lot of pressure on Havering and the play from the L6’s was such a pleasure to observe. The ball was being played not just through the middle but out wide and side to side. The forwards and mids worked well together to keep the ball high putting the pressure on their defence.

The L6’s saw the first goal 15 mins in to the game which was by Hannah Wynne. 8 mins later Hannah scored another cracking goal to make it 2-0. With the high intensity by the mids Jo Sullivan,  Grace McKelvey, Amelia Leach, Mary Sanders and Lea Gillespie they made sure the ball was kept out of our defensive area they created Glorious runs, passed and defended Havering’s 16’s well once their ball was hit down the pitch. They managed to keep the pressure on.

When Havering got through to L6’s D the defenders, marshalled by Gemma Leach worked hard to clear, mark and get it out. Izzy Jones made some brilliant saves having to navigate their hard hits and loaded D. Well done

As the clock was ticking and with 5 mins left of the first half we saw our next goal created by forwards to see Lois Wright finish it off as the whistle blow the L6’s were 3-0 up.

After a quick team talk we were back in for the second half. It took about 15 mins for the L6’s to get the pace and focus back as Havering were wanting to change the score putting a lot of pressure on the defence and then Havering being awarded with a short corner. The defenders Alana Baldwin, Claire Holmes, Eliza Andrews were ready where we saw Keeper Izzy Jones  make a cracking save but then another one was awarded within minutes. This one Izzy saved it !
The pressure was on, it was cleared and the spirit of the L6’s was back. With some great passes down from the mids, Izzy Lawrence, Jo Newman, and Vicky Randazzo were ready and this is when we saw our final goal of the game by Jo Newman.  The final whistle was blown a great win by the lovely L 6’s BSHC team. It sure was a beautiful team game and this was shown when the player of the match were awarded.

Bishops Stortford 7s v Saffron Walden 4s (5SW)

Mel Dummet (photo library)

1- 4 Stortford ladies 7s remain in 8th place

PoM Martha Trist

Match report Naomi Holloway

8th place Bishops Stortford 7s faced 6th place Saffron Walden 4s at 4.30pm on 27th January. Having won 1-0 in the away fixture there was hope for the much needed 3 points. Despite winning the toss Stortford soon lost possession and were punished with a Walden goal inside the first 3 minutes. A second followed from a short corner before the first set of subs came on at 8 minutes. Walden had the wind under their sails whilst for the second time this season Stortford were caught napping in the open minutes.

Despite some great Stortford pressure with contributions from Lexi Baird, and Grace Gladen in midfield matched by hard work from Emily Wood and Charlie Woodrow up front Walden took a third goal inside 15 minutes. Starting to play more as a unit Stortford won a short corner swiftly followed by a second which was slipped by Emma Cox for a straight strike conversion by Grace Gladen. With intervention from the bench support provided by Neall Range Lisa Woodrow dropped from the forward line to work tirelessly in midfield stemming the opposition pressure.

Going into half time at 1-3 down Stortford faced some tough feedback. The lacklustre first 10 minutes had cost a potential equal score line as the difference between the two teams was not that stark.

The second half opened with a Walden push but pressure from Beth Metson, PoM Martha Trist and Laura Batchelor in midfield kept the ball in the attacking 25. Charlie Woodrow’s signature J runs beat Walden time and again, sadly to no avail whilst the defensive line of Naomi Holloway, Denise Clark, Mel Dummet and Kaitlin Range, supported by Kim Foster on the wing worked tirelessly to try and keep Stortford in the game. Keeper Lis Foote made valiant save after valiant save but eventually overload in the Stortford D led to a 4th and final Walden goal.

Full time 1-4 with Stortford holding onto 8th place and needing some points to stay out of the relegation zone.