Ladies 1’s v Blueharts 1’s


Saturday saw Stortford ladies travel away to Blueharts to earn a hard fought 3 point win.

While Stortford asserted some early dominance, with two well taken goals scored by Abbie Barrett, credit must go to the Blueharts goal keeper who made some fantastic saves to deny Stortford from capitalising any further and keep her side within reach of Stortford heading into half time.

Stortford started the second half well with some slick skills coming from Katherine Langridge to create a brilliant 3 vs 1 on the Blueharts keeper but Stortford were not able to capitalise. The momentum then seemed to shift in Blue Harts favour, as the pressures of a relegation battle started to mount, which led to darting forward run and early reverse stick strike from the top of the D which found the backboard of the Stortford goal. Blueharts had firmly put themselves back in the game. The Blueharts pressure did not disappear as Stortford were forced to defend wave after wave of attacks which were snuffed out brilliantly by defenders Lou Davies, Lexie Guthrie and player of the match Molly Brooks who tirelessly broke up Blueharts offence. In the last 10 minutes Blueharts forced Stortford goal keeper Charlie Nash in to a fantastic and crucial last gasp save. Blueharts, however, were throwing everything at the game and then substituted their keeper in the last minutes but no further goals materialised as Stortford were able to hold on and take home the 3 points at 2-1.

2’s v St Alban’s 3’s


The scoreline didn’t really reflect the game as Stortford put in a much more assured performance than the previous week. St Alban’s made better decisions and were more efficient in the D than Stortford, netting two goals in each of the halves. The St Alban’s keeper made some vital saves as Stortford managed to grab a consolation goal through Captain Emma Hynds who struck home from a short corner but it wasn’t to be. With Div 1S hockey secured for next season they’ll be looking to end on a high when then take on Sudbury in their final match.

3’s v Saffron Walden 1’s

Jemma Pettit


PoM: Sophie Higgins

L3s lost 1-0 to Saffron Walden 1s 

Probably the best game the L3s have played this season and it just required that elusive goal or 2 to top it off. This was an end to end game that had it all and at half time the goal line reflected exactly that 0-0. Not long into the 2nd half a break from Saffron Walden saw them evade the Stortford defence and put a cracking goal away into the back of the net. Spurred on the home side looked for that evasive goal with potm Sophie Higgins weaving her magic in midfield and Jen Pearce & Charlotte Range running their socks off up front. Despite 6 short corners in the 2nd half (1 after the final whistle) the Saffron Walden goalkeeper (Maisie Southgate), who was agile as a cat, managed to keep a clean sheet and give the visitors the win. A superb effort from the whole of the team.

4’s v Broxbourne 2’s


PoM: Kess Levy

The ladies 4s had an early start at Broxbourne on Saturday taking on their 2s. The warm, sunny start gave us flashbacks to the summer hockey season as did the plethora of subs on their bench compared to the lonely one on ours. The game was very well balanced with opportunities on both sides. Broxbourne took the lead early in the second half but Stortford came back with a hard fought goal of their own not too long after. The game ended in a 1-1 draw with the POM awarded to Kess Levy for her tireless defending and great distribution round the back.

5’s v Broxbourne 3’s


PoM: Eva Sanderson 

With the end of the season drawing in today’s match had even bigger stakes with Stortford unable to lose a game to guarantee promotion.  We played Broxbourne on a sunny early morning at 11:30 push back.

The game started in their possession and they made a start approaching our half but Charlotte Pettit stepped in quickly, clearing it to Liv Figg and we started our counter attack. Our first D entry happened very early on in the first half with some great play from mids Megan Maybanks and Lisa Forsytj. Our play was majority inside their D with lots of action in the 23 some great crosses from Eva Sanderson and Yolande Notley built up the pressure until our first goal came from Marni Cochrane. Our first goal created a lovely string of play with us quickly getting our second goal by Laura McBride. 

At the restart Stortford quickly won the ball back with pressure from Catherine Clune and Lisa. Broxbourne still had attacking play however up the left which was well controlled by Charlotte.  Eva worked well in the middle of the pitch keeping the ball on her stick with lovely drags into the D (earning her PoM). Broxbourne had not given up, however scoring from a short deflected by Maddie Lucas’s Head. Charlotte managed to get us back ahead again with a great dribble into the D scoring at a beth hard angle into the far corner. However another defensive short called against us and Stort conceded from the right post straight strike.  We finished the second half a little shakier than we began with a score line of 3-2.

Our second half began very well  with some strong runs from Megs and Eva. We clearly demonstrated as the stronger side and pressured Broxboune into mistakes giving us the ball. Stortford kept going, creating lovely triangles along the right. After discussion from half time Stortford tried to use the transfer more to push the ball left where there was seemingly more space this worked well giving us the first goal of the second half from Eva. A handy sixteen created a counter for them in our 23 and they looked dangerous again and clearly quick however the defence and Keeper,  Lottie Dodsworthwho played amazingly cleared it and started our counter attack. Our pressure and effort resulted in another goal from Yolande followed quickly by Eva’s second goal and Laura’s second goal. A run down the middle looked dangerous for a one on one with Lottie how ever Catherine got back just in time and with the support from Charlotte cleared it back up to Rachel Moore who continued to support her on the left and managed to cause some lovely play.
Everyone played amazingly and good to have another win in such a tight title race. Our result of 7-2 which helped our goal difference and  was well deserved by everyone. Of course special congrats to Eva who got a well earned PoM after lots of great plays and two goals!

6’s v Braintree 2’s


POM: Amelia Leach

Ladies 6s achieve an 84 goal difference!

The warm weather appeared for the Ladies 6s penultimate match for the season. Braintree 2s had the advantage of winning the first pushback but BSL6’s went in with intensity, Lois Wright applied pressure from the whistle breaking Braintree’s structure. Within the first 1-minute BS played the ball around the opposition players with Jess Ashford Green meeting the ball and playing it to Hannah Wynne who hit the ball into the corner of the goal with a loud cheer the score was 1-0.   Shortly after a lovely pass from Amelia Leach to Eliza Andrews who transferred it around the defenders to Kaitlin Range, who fed the ball up to Léa Gillespie. Grace McKelvey ran into the space which had opened up from Claire re-leading, Grace then ran towards the base line releasing the ball to Lois on P-spot, who then swept the ball into the back corner, making it another goal to BS.

A 16’ was taken by Braintree, narrowly hitting above Lois’s knee meaning BS gained another free hit. Claire Holmes passed the ball out to the right wing where Laura Batchelor was, making her attack forwards, swiftly putting the ball on a foot. The short corner was played to Grace who smashed the ball, unluckily the Goalie saved it with her stick. In BS defensive area Kaitlin applied pressure to their attacker leading to a clean tackle, Jo then received the ball distributing it with pace into space for the midfield to run onto. In the 15th minute Amelia and Eliza passed between themselves to beat the attacker, this then allowed Amelia to run from our defensive D towards the attacking D outrunning the oppositions players, crossing the ball to Hannah. Hannah then flicked it over the goalie securing a 3-0 lead. Rapidly following this in the 16th minute Grace received the ball from Kim Durbin then passed to Hannah, with Jess on the deflection achieving another goal.

Receiving another ball at the top of the D Hannah scored a powerful goal through a strike earning herself a hattrick. A coordinated duo of Eliza passing the ball to Amelia, who ran the pitch releasing the ball from the base line to Lois slapping it into the goal, just before the half time whistle blew. It was 6-0 at half time with high morals and positive comments being made, with a quick reminder to show that you are disengaging if not 5 in a free hit, BS were ready to go. 6 minutes in Kim won a short corner, unfortunately no outcome came from it. Braintree entered BS D a few times, but Izzy made some lovely saves clearing it allowing Kim to dribble around a player and pass the ball up. Throughout the next 5 minutes there was lots of attacking play, but nothing was converted, Jo, Eliza and Laura found space on the right wing and had some lovely play between them all.

High pressure was applied through the Press from the forward and Midfielders filling the plugs, Braintree played the ball off the pitch, with a chance opening for another goal the ball narrowly went wide. Léa passed the ball to Grace who ran out to the wing, receiving the ball pulling the goalie off her line, slapping it into the back net. With 15 minutes left Mary Sanders ran towards post reaching for the deflection with the ball flinging into the backboard, 8-0 to BS. Minutes later, Lois received the ball and created another goal. Some lovely transferring into different channels, freeing up space by dragging defenders away, led to Mary scoring a goal taking the score to 10-0. 

With BS in the attacking half Braintree got past and slipped the ball into the corner, leading them to gain their only goal. In the last 2 minutes multiple short corners had been gained throughout the match and BS got their last one. The suggestion of drag flicking hit the keepers’ pads but Lois was ready for the rebound on the post meaning the final score ended as 11-1. Great efforts from both teams played throughout the match, with high energy but also a sense of relaxation as Bishops Stortford Ladies 6s were champions of the league. Not to mention the massive goal difference now of 84 goals, with top goal scorers Hannah and Lois on 21 goals each. Bring on the final match of the season !

7’s v Bedford 6’s

Goal Scorer – Emma Cox

PoM: Lis Foote/Martha Trist

Stortford won the push back followed with early pressure applied from Bedford. Pushing the ball up and down the pitch Bedford were awarded the first short corner of the game. Bedford struggled to get the ball into the goal, leading to a lovely clearance from the Stortford defense. Great play by Scout Neville playing it up the line to Emily Wood, driving it herself, with a lovely pass to Emma Cox in the D, allowing for a shot and the first goal to be scored in the 12th minute.

Bedford didn’t take this lightly, and came back with a strong attack, driving the ball straight towards our defensive line. A great clearance by Denise Clark allowed the play to slow down more, but unfortunately was received by the opposing team. Trying to get back in to the D, they get stopped once again by Naomi Holloway and Lexi Baird making great tackles, allowing the ball to be pushed further up the pitch.

A run up the wing by Charlie Woodrow , was unfortunately tackled just outside of the D. After a tough fight, a pass was finally made into the D resulting in a brilliant goal from Emma in the 28th minute. Leaving the first half with a 2-0 score, hopes were high for Stortford, but they still remained calm entering the second half. 

Going in the second half, Stortford quickly gained possession of the ball, and with a lovely feed from Scout to Emma, her third goal was scored in the 41st minute. The ball being returned back to the Bedford team, they took another attempt at getting a goal, but once again another lovely clear by Denise  with some good work and marking from the defense, which included Martha Trist playing out of position, clearing nicely. Later Stortford won three consecutive short corners, two of which were strongly saved by the goalkeeper, but in the 63rd minute Emma pulled her fourth goal out of the bag with a straight strike. Thus bringing the score to a 4-0 finish.

BSHC Ladies 8 v Saffron Walden 5

Player of the match Hannah Witchalls in action last week


PoM: Jemma Garmain/Hannah Witchalls


Ladies 8s were home this weekend, for a weekend double. First playing host to Saffron Walden 5s, who had nipped it for the win back in November.

Ladies 8s started under immediate pressure as Saffron Walden came out fighting. They had a strong coordinated attack and placed Stortford under pressure, with fast paced play coming immediately from their forwards. 

Stortford Midfield did their best to push the ball up, but the ball remained predominantly at the defending end. Despite the best efforts of the visitors, with a fantastic save from Zara A, the half time whistle blew with the score 0-0.

A good team chat and with some refocused mind-set, Stortford restarted play in the second half visibly stronger and determined. 

A goal coming within 2 minutes of the second half from Megan L followed two minutes later with one from Jemima O, taking Stortford 2-0 up. 

Remembering our training, Stortford utilised the pitch, with strong communication and brilliant coordinated team work coming from Gemma Jarmain and Hannah Witchalls, play was passed across the pitch and allowed Stortford to dominate. 

Defence pushed high to support, allowing play to pass high to Chloe A who then supported another opportunity for Megan L to score Stortford’s 3rd goal. 8 minutes later a cracking goal coming from attacking midfielder Hannah Witchalls, with the 5th goal hot on its heels and a hat trick for Megan L.

Player of the match was awarded jointly to Hannah Witchalls and Gemma Jarmain.

8’s v Bedford 7’s

Player of the Match Marie Surujabally


POM: Marie Surujabally and Chloe Allmark


Ladies 8s played host for the second time this weekend, this time to Bedford 7s.

Yet again, Stortford started the game reactively, allowing the opposition to dictate play. This created some near goal opportunities for Bedford but strong communication and coordinated play amongst the Stortford defence as well as great presence from Ella D the GK, made it difficult for Bedford to get a striking opportunity.

A lot of bunching from Stortford on the pitch made it harder than it needed to be, but the ball was taken up high and with a cross from Megan L, caught brilliantly from Esme W saw Stortford go ahead in the 14th minute.  Riding high, Stortford pushed hard and a penalty corner was awarded, picked up from Hannah Withcalls, and hit hard into the right corner, seeing Stortford score their second goal, with a third coming closely after, again from penalty corner only this time from Megan L.

The half time whistle blew with the score at 3-0

Stortford came out in the second half recharged and focused, remembering to utilise space, add communication and to pass back where needed. 

Stortford dominated play and a penalty corner was awarded in the first 3 minutes, converted to a goal by Megan L.  

Play was immediately brought back up and in the D and another goal in the same minute, again from Megan L, seeing her gain a second hat trick of the weekend.

Bedford didn’t give up their fight. With a short corner awarded to them, they hit a fine goal past the defence team to give them their first goal of the match.

Bedford continued their fight, they had some fast paced players play down the wing and had some strong crosses, with great attempts of goal. With 3 amazing stops, including an aerial, saved by defender Alison Tiney, plus two further goal stops from Amy Duffy & Kerrie Chapman, and Ella D kicking out some great saves too it meant that Bedford couldn’t quite get a goal across the line.

Stortford turned play and dictated the pace with the ball  pushed high quickly, creating an opportunity for two further goals; one from Tilly-May H and another from Esme W. The final whistle blew with the score 7-1 to the home side.

POM was awarded to Marie S and Chloe A

A special thanks to the umpires, Pete Duffy and Hannah Wynne who each gave up their Sunday afternoon in order to allow play.  

9’s v Saffron Walden

Player of the match Wanatsa Dumbura in action last week


PoM: Wanatsa Dumbura

It was the last game of the season for Bishop’s Stortford Ladies 9s.  

We have improved so much across the course of the season, but met our match in a very strong Saffron Walden visitors side, suffering a 5 – 2 defeat.  The Ladies played very strongly, and found their groove after a disorganised first 10 or 15 minutes, during which the first 2 Walden goals were scored.  We had an even share of attacking play, but struggled against an experienced Walden defence.   So saying, it was a very enjoyable game, with strong defending by Player of the match Wanatsa Dumbura and Lucy Ayodele, and 2 fine goals from Sarah Alderson and Kate Cullinan.  

Goal scorer Kate Cullinan and daughter Issy